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Last Name First Name Title
Schnoes Dan Chief Administrator
Klingemann Kaitlin Executive Administration Assistant

Brook Valley North
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Last Name First Name Title
Bagley Kelly Special Education Teacher
Beck Tina Special Education Teacher
Bender Kristin Speech Language Pathologist
Dempsay Danielle Special Education Teacher
Giorgio Linsey Special Education Teacher
Hamilton Erin Special Education Teacher
Kasperbauer Jaclyn Speech Language Pathologist
Miller Melissa Special Education Teacher
Moses Ruth School Nurse
Murtha Kacie Special Education Teacher
Schmidt Julie Principal
Seeger Jennifer Special Education Teacher
Snide Joyce Special Education Teacher
Stull Christopher Contracted Physical Therapist
Vezner Jeanne Administrative Assistant

Brook Valley South
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Last Name First Name Title
Earnhardt James Special Education Teacher
Howry Susan Special Education Teacher
Koory Catherine Principal
Kush Kathleen Special Education Teacher
Marshall Jeffrey Special Education Teacher
Maynard Rebecca Teacher
Sookram Sheila Special Education Teacher

Buildings and Grounds
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Last Name First Name Title
Curtis Dave Building Supervisor
Aken Mike Maintenance
Alexander Jeff Maintenance
Fedor Janelle Maintenance
Gurney Joel Maintenance
Hartley Joyce Custodian

Business Services Contacts

Accounts Payable: 402-597-4838

Accounts Receivable: 402-597-4818

Payroll: 402-597-4806

Human Resources: 402-597-4881

General questions: 402-597-4818

Business Services
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Last Name First Name Title
Glenn Jan Director, Business Services
Fedde Dawn Accounting Assistant
Freitag Russ Financial Coordinator
Greco Tammy Bookkeeper - Accounts Payable
Hensley Michele Title 1 Coordinator
Vickers Carrie Ann Accounting Assistant
Wimmer Barb Bookkeeper - Payroll

Conference Center
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Last Name First Name Title
Davidson Barbara Hostess
Dennis Theodore Building Supervision
Feurt Randy Host
Kalk Kristen Receptionist
Kankovsky Leslie Event Coordinator
Revell Pam Building Supervision
Ticknor Edgar Conference Center Host

Data & Networking
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Last Name First Name Title
Pulte William Director D & N
Arnold Tyler Web Technology Specialist
Barnett Anne Software Specialist
Bledsoe George Systems & Network Engineer
Blessner Stephen Web Technology Specialist
Brinkman Rachel Customer Support Specialist
Doty Amber Operations Manager
Gunzelman Jim Programmer rAnalyst
Hamidi Roya Software Specialist
Hansen Mark Systems and Network Manager
Haug Taylor Administrative Assistant
Jackson Ta'wanna Web Technology Specialist
Kibby Scott Web Technology Specialist
Mitchell Marc Programmer Analyst
Mueller Rex Systems & Network Engineer
Rudnicki Ben Technology Support Specialist
Uden Anna Development Manager
Vanek Jeremy Systems & Network Engineer
Zimmerman Janet Software Specialist

Driver Education
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Last Name First Name Title
McGill John Director of Driver Education
Boe Gary Driver Education
Brinkman Rachel Customer Support Specialist
Buza Bill Driver Education
Ewer Jami Driver Education
Gerlecz Andrew Driver Education
Gosch Bob Driver Ed Driver
Heimann Joe Driver Education
Kile (Drivers ED) Jahn Driver Education
Lueders Layne Driver Education
Mahaney Dennis Driver Education
McGill Nate Driver Education
Pfeifer Pat Driver Education
Troxel Stan Driver Education

Gifford Farm
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Last Name First Name Title
Williams Nancy Director
Hartley Roxanne Animals on the Go, Special Events and Team Challenge Team Leader
Henderson Laura
Hill Lexie Outdoor Educator
Isaacs Shawn Planetarium and Media and Promotions Team Leader
Mays Martha ONC Program Team Leader
Pedersen Laura Lead Team Leader, Farm Team Leader, Summer Day Camp Team Leader
Povondra Katherine Outdoor Educator
Taylor Kelly Office Asst. and Reservation Coordinator

Professional Learning
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Last Name First Name Title
Sauer Julee Director Professional Learning
Carlson Kate Educational Consultant
Ferreyra Dawn Educational Consultant
Fiala Katie Instructional Coach
Foss Janet Educational Consultant
Gangwish Derek Educational Consultant
Harding Megan Educational Consultant
Holst Terri Media Science Assistant
Ingraham Jeff Educational Consultant
Jasnoch Marilou Assistant Director Professional Learning
Jensen Robbie Educational Consultant
Johnson Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Kerr Laurie Educational Consultant
Larson Adam Educational Consultant
McGinnis Allan Media Science Delivery
Menousek William Technology Assistant
Qualman Christine Educational Consultant
Schraeder Debbie Educational Consultant
Schwanke Greg Educational Consultant
Smith Kathleen Instructional Tech Specialist
Zaback Erin Administrative Assistant
Zabrowski Sara Educational Consultant

Student Services
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Last Name First Name Title
LaBorde McKayla Director of Student Services
Addison Katherine Services Coordinator
Andrews Teresa Speech Language Pathologist
Brummer Mike MRP-Activities Coordinator
Chamberlain Merry Noel Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Domsch Allison Services Coordinator
Gibilisco Colleen Services Coordinator
Goetzmann Diane Services Coordinator
Gunia Cheryl Vision Driver
Haggart Jennifer Coordinator-Early Learning Connection
Hanes Angela Services Coordinator
Harvey Amy Administrative Assistant
Johnson Julie Services Coordinator
Kavanaugh Ann Services Coordinator
Kelberlau Allison Assistant Director of Student Services
Kelly Deb Speech Language Pathologist
Koory Catherine Principal
McGill Teri Coordinator-Autism
McKinney Christine Services Coordinator
Pfeifer Mona Administrative Assistant
Phillips JoDell Coordinator-Services Coordination
Pullmann Amber Services Coordinator
Reiff Sara Services Coordinator
Rosas Brittany Services Coordinator
Schlater Emily Service Coordinator
Schmidt Julie Principal
Townsend Jill Audiologist
Vance Robyn Administrative Assistant
Veik Judy Special Education Teacher
Vogel Nicole Services Coordinator
Walls Deb Administrative Assistant
Washburn Amber Services Coordinator
Watson Deborah Special Education Teacher
Winslow Jennifer Teacher of the Visually Impaired