SIMS - Student Information Management

SIMS is a student information management system that has solutions tailored to the needs of local school districts using a centralized database accessible from all schools and administrative offices within the district. It allows for entry of:

Census/Family/Student Demographics

The district Census module allows for entry of all addresses within a district, plus out of district addresses for choice students. The Family module is then associated with these addresses, students are associated with families. Student enrollment projections are available from these modules.

Emergency information is available along with student parking permit information; bus route and bust stop information and enrollment status. Emergency labels, busing information and state enrollment reports are available from these modules.

New Student Enrollment

The New Student Enrollment module allows consittuients moving into the school district to register their children for school.  This module can also be used enrolling pre-k students.

Scheduling/Mark Reporting

Integrated class-scheduling module allows a school to enter course, building and student information. The system schedules students into course sections according to the constraints associated with buildings, students and the master schedule during the simulation process, while maintaining gender balance and ensuring numerical balance among sections of a course. Schedules, class lists, teacher schedules and course enrollments are among the reports available from these modules. Students or parents may only sign up for courses online through the Parent Web site.

Mark Reporting module allows for entry of quarter and semester grades. The semester grades are kept in a history table for graduation requirement tracking information. Report cards, eligibility reports and transcripts are a few of the reports available from these modules.

The Student Progress module allows for daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly entry of grades for one or all students. Letters are available from this module.

Attendance Tracking

The attendance module allows for daily, period, or course-section attendance. This information can be entered for one or a group of students by the secretary or teacher. Letters, county attorney attendance referrals, and attendance reports are available from this module.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior module allows for entry of any type of behavior incidents (positive or negative) with multiple infraction codes. It includes the action taken for the incident. Correspondence indicators, parents notified, parent name, parent conference, school policy/rule violated, criminal charge codes and counts can be entered for each infraction. Letters, behavior reports, and state discipline and sped discipline reports are available from this module.

NSSRS Wizard

This module allows for data that will be reported to the state to be pulled into tables where staff can review errors and reports before uploading to the state for student reporting. Download files named and formatted correctly for uploading to the Nebraska Department of Education Portal.

Health Issues, Immunization Tracking and Daily Health Log

Health screenings, immunizations and health issues can be entered in these modules. Health Screenings include the ability to add hearing, vision, weight, height, BMI calculation, dental, blood pressure and scoliosis data. The Daily Health Log is available for nurses to enter daily information when a student is sent to the nurse’s office. Specific health problems can be setup so they are available for viewing in the teacher’s online grade book. Missing Immunizations, Health Issues and Health Cards are some of the reports available from these modules.

Counseling/Advisement Records

The Counseling and Advisement modules provide the schools the means to keep a complete record of every meeting or college application step (Applications to, applications sent, applications rejected or accepted) for a student. Career plans, post high school plans, student interests and workplaces can be tracked for an individual student. Each school will have the choice of adding one record per year, or one record for a student’s entire career at the school. Reports are available from this module.

Free and Reduced Tracking

The Free Reduced module determines a student’s eligibility for participation in the National School Lunch Program based on family size, income frequency and total income according to government guidelines. Foster children automatically qualify and therefore do not need to go through the application process. They are set manually in Free and Reduced Maintenance and then locked so that the qualifying process does not remove them. Free, reduced or denied letters can be generated and sent to correspondence maintenance for record keeping. Other reports and labels are available from this module.

Special Education Tracking

This module allows the school’s to keep SPED records for all students that have a verified handicap. SPED child maintenance, handicap, services, audio visual and history information along with the students IEP, MDT and accommodations can be maintained in these modules.    State, caseloads, FTE, SESIS download, and labels are among the many reports available from this module.

Student Program Tracking

Program Maintenance provides school districts the means to keep a complete record of every program in which a student participates during his/her career. It may include a wide range of data as varied as SPED, Free-Reduced, HAL, 504 or summer school participation. How the distr5ict chooses to use this module may be customized based on the information entered into the codes table. Reports and labels are available from this module.

Special Enrollment Tracking

This module allows districts to track Applications for students optioning in or out of the district, Special Attendance area, Contracted In from another district and Learning Community open enrollment.

Activities Tracking

Activity Maintenance can be used to enter every activity in which a student participates or is recognized for. An example of this would be: sports, community service, honor-merit roll, drama club, band, activity, sports physical, activity card and/or parent consent. Reports and labels are available from this module. 

Alumni Tracking

When students graduate there name, school, graduation year, address and phone are rolled to this module. Additional data can be added, including Maiden Name, Class Representative, missing/deceased, employer, email, college, degree and occupation. Alumni Lists, Downloads and labels are available from this module.

SIMS Reports

There are over 600 reports, 200 letters, 24 different types of cards, 100 downloads and 120 assorted labels available from this module. Request for new reports is always available.

SIMS Classroom

This is a web based product that allows teachers to enter student absent and tardy records by course-section, homeroom and team. They can change their password, send team or homeroom emails and view a list of their students with access to health issues, accommodations and any other comments setup to view from this module. This is also the website used to enter report card information specific to the district.

SIMS Gradebook

SIMS Grade book is a web based product that is integrated with SIMS so student class lists are automatically available for teacher input. Teachers can roll their assignment types, grade scales and assignments over from the prior year. Seating charts are available for setup in the grade book. Student demographics, attendance history and class schedule are also available within the grade book. Students with health issues, accommodations can be viewed from the grade book. Teachers are able to post running grades to the parent web as often as necessary.   The SIMS Gradebook accommodates three calculation methods: Total Points, Percentage, and Rubric. Teachers also have the ability to e-mail the parents of the students in a class.

Parent Web

The Parent Web site was designed to allow parents and students read-only access to student information through the internet. Authorized parents and students have access to attendance, progress reports, student schedule, transcript, report cards and teacher assignment information. Each school within a district has the ability to determine what and when information is displayed on the web.

Online Course Registration

The online Course Registration system meeting the unique needs of our ESU#3 districts.

SIMS Online

SIMS Online was developed for district administrators to have access from the web to their student data. At this time the only module available for adding data is the behavior module. Administrators can start a behavior record for a student at the time of the infraction and complete it later that day or week. Student demographics, picture, grades, schedule, attendance, behavior and transcript history are all available to view from this module.   The user may also send a mass e-mail to parents for all students in a building or grade.


SIMS can be customized per district to provide imports and exports of data files.  Import files may include teacher data from payroll systems, assessment scores (i.e., ACT), NSAA activities, etc. Exported files may be secured ftp to third party vendors such as call out systems, lunch systems, etc. All of these files may be automated or requested as needed.

Automated E-mails 

Automated e-mails may also be sent as determined by a district. Examples of e-mails that may be sent include:

  • Weekly list of students currently failing sent to counselors and/or homeroom teachers.
  • Daily reminders to teacher to post attendance.
  • Weekly reminders to teacher to post grades for the Parent Web.
  • New student enrollment lists sent to personnel that set up students in other systems.
  • List of students that have missed 10 or more days sent to principal and counselor.

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