How do we get to the Farm?

From I-80 to Hwy 75-Take the Chandler Rd. exit off of the Kennedy Freeway. Travel east on Chandler Rd, veer right onto Ft. Crook Rd. Turn left on Childs Rd-at Southroads Business Park. Continue through Whispering Timbers neighborhood. Childs Rd becomes a rock road and is renamed Camp Gifford Rd. Follow rock road for 1.2 miles ending at the Gifford Farm gate.

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Can my class have lunch at the farm either before or after our program?
Yes, we have picnic space available by reservation. There is no additional charge for your picnic on the farm.
Can the students pet the farm animals?
The Farm program is a hands on interactive experience for the students. They will have the opportunity to pet many animals!
Is Animals on the Go-Farm Animals an indoor or outdoor program?
We can have this program either inside or outside.
Is the Outdoor Nature Classroom a teacher-led activity?
A Gifford Farm facilitator will introduce the group to the ONC and remain with you, but this is mostly a student-led program as they are allowed to explore and participate in a variety of activities of their choosing.
How many students can the Outdoor Nature Classroom accommodate at one time?
This area is one full acre and can accommodate the largest of classes.
Will the students learn the history leading up to the Lewis and Clark expedition?
Yes, we begin our program with an overview of the history involved in the expedition. Discussion includes President Jefferson's vision of expanding our country all the way to the west coast following the Louisiana Purchase.
How long is the Team Challenge?
Groups may participate in a 3 or 4 hourTeam Challenge
Can anyone participate in Team Challenge?
Yes! We learn to appreciate differences in Team Challenge. Each person's 100% participation can vary, yet is equally valued.
What should I wear for Team Challenge?
Jeans, tennis shoes or boots are preferred. No sandals or shorts please. Bring a water bottle!
Is water provided for Team Challenge participants?
No, it is best to bring your own water bottle.
What if my school does not allow fur and feathers in the classroom?
We have enough animals to provide a complete "No Fur, No Feathers" program.
Can we touch the Animals On The Go animals?
Yes, the children may touch most of the animals.
For Animals On The Go, what kind of animals will you bring?
We bring a variety of animal groups, including reptile, amphibian and mammal. Depending on the age of the students and the time allowed, we bring 7-8 different animals for the program.
How many students per session can go into the STARLAB?
The STARLAB dome will hold approximately 25 people.
What size room do we need for the STARLAB?
The STARLAB dome needs a 10 foot ceiling to fully inflate. It is 16 feet in diameter, although with the doorway, expands to 30 feet. We also need some room on the outside of the dome for the outside portion of the program. A multi purpose room or gym works the best.