October 2019

Gifford Farm Strong

Huckleberry Hut

As most of you know, during March of 2019 the Missouri River overflowed its banks once again. During this time the river water reached the third highest level since Missouri River water levels have been recorded. The Nature Explore®? Outdoor Nature Classroom at Gifford Farm, along with the rest of the farm required significant repairs once the waters receded. Thanks to local woodworker and builder extraordinaire Bill Watson, the Outdoor Nature Classroom has a wonderful new addition which we have dubbed the “Huckleberry Hut.” This new play structure, based on a Mississippi River fishing, hut is 4 feet off the ground which with luck will be able to withstand future flooding without sustaining any damage. The ENCOR clients at the Hub in Bellevue have also helped us with this project, making signs and pictures on Tree cookies depicting fishing and river adventures.

The Huckleberry Hut has multiple entrances including a wheelchair accessible ramp, a “climbing wall” a stairway assisted by a rope and it can also be entered by traversing the clickity clackity bridge. This new addition has been a very popular hangout with the 10 and under set. All of the staff at Gifford Farm wishes to extend grateful thanks to Bill Watson.


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