June 2019

Gifford Farm Strong

Gifford Farm - NE Strong!

It has been an eventful and heartbreaking spring on Gifford Farm this year, as it has been for so many in our community and state. March brought the third largest flood event in NE history. The flood left 7’ of water covering the farm. Tragically, levees were breached and the water rose at an alarming rate and 7 of our animals were trapped and lost. Thanks to the valiant effort of our staff and volunteers though we were able to save all of our horses, our goats, lambs, many of our chickens and ducks, and all of our exotic animals. The animals were taken to the homes of many of our friends of the farm and our staff.

Thanks to our staff, our volunteers and enormous donations, our recovery has been swift! The buildings were almost completely cleaned as of last week, the animals were back home and some new animals have joined the farm. Then came the unthinkable… the water began to rise once again. This flooding was not as fast or as severe as the March flooding so were able to evacuate all of our animals, all of our vehicles and equipment and all of the files we might need to work on to prepare for the return of students. We know that we have a giant chore ahead of us but with our hard working staff and all of the volunteers that have already committed their time to us, we will be back soon. We remain NE Strong as well as Gifford Farm Strong!

new pony Grady
Our new pony Grady.
cows Moorice and Bert
Moorice and new friend Bert.


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