December 2017

Science Olympiad at Gifford Farm Education Center

Children Holding Science Olympiad RibbonsGifford Farm Education Center, in partnership with the ESU3 Professional Learning Department, hosted students from many of our ESU3 schools in a Science Olympiad competition this fall. The competition, which spanned 3 days of activities and 170 students, met the challenges of STARLAB Planetarium, Farm Science, Orienteering, and Team Challenge. Students were quizzed at the end of each session in order to establish 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each day in each category. Congratulations to all of our participants from Blair, Gretna, Millard, Westside, Bennington, Louisville, Platteview, Weeping Water and Ralston!

Could you answer these questions? In other words, “Are you as smart as a 5th (or 6th) grader?” Remember... they could not use phones to search for answers!

  • Why does a compass always point north?
  • What are the names of the constellations that rotate around the North Star?
  • Name the four compartments of the stomach of a cow?

Kids at Science OlympiadCow and kids at Science Olympiad

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