Animals On The Go - Exotic

Check out a chinchilla, learn about lizards, and have fun with a frog!


Animals on the Go is a program to provide a hands on experience for students, allowing them to touch a variety of animals while learning information about them. Topics include origin, habitat, habits, life span, gestation, and diet. Programs are adapted to the appropriate age level and can be tailored to compliment your educational curriculum. Learn where these animals come from and what makes them unique. Who can lick its eyebrows? Who has the thickest fur of any land animal? What (or who!) do they eat? Reptiles, amphibians, mammals, even an arachnid, are ready to come and visit you! We also have a “No Fur, No Feathers” program to suit your needs. We can travel to your school or child care center, or, for even more fun, you can come to visit the Farm and combine AOTG with other Gifford Farm programs. 

Available year round

For preschool – 8th grade

30 – 60 minutes


For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.




 What if my school does not allow fur and feathers in the classroom?

We have enough animals to provide a complete "No Fur, No Feathers" program.

Can we touch the animals?

Yes, the children may touch most of the animals.

What kind of animals will you bring?

We bring a variety of animals, including reptile, amphibian and mammal. Depending on the age of the students and the time allowed, we bring about 5  different animals for the program.