FRIENDS OF DISCOVERY - A Journey with Lewis and Clark

Learn about the journey of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in an outdoor program. set in our 1804 style encampment. While in camp, students will be introduced to the preparations and implementations of this famous expedition, and information about the Captains, Corpsmen, and Native Americans while visiting a constructed cabin, tipi, and Captains’ tent. Students will feel history come alive when they explore, discover and work together in the area in the original 1804 White Catfish campsite. Included in this program is a session of "The Discoveries of Lewis and Clark" in our schoolhouse. Learn about the many discoveries made by the Corps, as well as hands-on learning about animals, hides, bones, bear pawprints and more. Enjoyable fun and learning games also included.

Great for 3rd through 6th grade!

Available April through October

Picnic area is available for snacks or lunch.


For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.


Will the students learn the history leading up to the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Yes, we begin our program with an overview of the history involved in the expedition. Discussion includes President Jefferson's vision of expanding our country all the way to the west coast following the Louisiana Purchase.


What members of the Corps will the students be role playing on this program?

The students will role play a voyager, journal writer, mapmaker, artist, scientist, or hunter/tracker. 



The Discoveries of Lewis and Clark

Our newest program introduces students to several geographical and social science facts and concepts of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-1806. This indoor program touches on some animal discoveries, rivers, landmarks, mountain ranges and Plains Indian lifestyles that Lewis and Clark discovered on their famous expedition. Hands-on materials and fun games make this a very enjoyable program to complement additional studies regarding this historical event in history.

This program can be enjoyed in our rural setting, or we can bring it to your school.

Available April, May, September and October on the farm, and traveling to your school year round. A blackboard for use at your school would be very helpful!

For 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students -  45-55 minutes


For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.


Will the students actively participate in this program?

Yes, the students will observe the weight and size of a buffalo hide, compare their hand to a grizzly bear paw and play a Native American game as they learn about the true scientific journey of the Corps of Discovery.



All Day Lewis and Clark Programs

Our full school day of Lewis and Clark programs includes our original outdoor Friends of Discovery program in conjunction with an indoor STARLAB-Celestial Navigation program and our newly-developed indoor Discoveries of Lewis and Clark program. A picnic lunch is also scheduled into the time frame with picnic tables reserved. Students will be immersed in this historical journey while rotating between all three programs. Several scientific concepts and social studies concepts will be covered throughout the day while students learn hands-on about the challenging accomplishments of the Captains and soldiers, how they mapped their way across the North American continent, how they communicated with the Native peoples, and what obstacles and barriers they overcame to make this such a successful journey.


Available May and September-October

For 4th, 5th and 6th grade students,

Two hour Friends of Discovery program, 1 hour STARLAB- Celestial Navigation program and 1 hour Discoveries of Lewis and Clark program with 30 minutes scheduled for lunch.


For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920 


Picnic area is available for snacks or lunch.