Gifford Farm Education Center
Outdoor Nature Classroom

The Outdoor Nature Classroom

Gifford Farm invites you to experience our Nature Explore® certified, Outdoor Nature Classroom. Students are given an opportunity to explore their connections with nature in a safe, fun and educational setting. Students visit the many play and learning centers including nature art, nature music and dance, digging area, climbing area, a real water pump,  pizza garden, and more!


Available April through October.

For Toddlers to 2nd grade

1 hour



Is the Outdoor Nature Classroom a teacher-led activity?

A Gifford Farm facilitator will introduce the group to the ONC and remain with you, but this is mostly a student-led program as they are allowed to explore and participate in a variety of activities of their own choosing.

How many students can the Outdoor Nature Classroom accomodate at one time?

This area is one full acre and can accomodate the largest of classes.