Brook Valley North
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Photo First Name Last Name Title
Kelly Bagley Photo
              Kelly Bagley Special Education Teacher
Jeanne Beshlian Photo
              Jeanne Beshlian Para Educator
Kathleen Bracken Photo
              Kathleen Bracken Para Educator
Ashley Brown Photo
              Ashley Brown Para Educator
Katrina Brumfield Photo
              Katrina Brumfield Para Educator
Samantha Cash Photo
              Samantha Cash Special Education Teacher
Jessica Cleveland Photo
              Jessica Cleveland BV Sub Teacher
Patricia Daniels Photo
              Patricia Daniels Para Educator
Danielle Dempsay Photo
              Danielle Dempsay Special Education Teacher
Hailee Doering Photo
              Hailee Doering Para Educator
Dana Doran Photo
              Dana Doran Special Education Teacher
Erin Dowling Photo
              Erin Dowling Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Maggie Duggins Photo
              Maggie Duggins Para Educator
Linsey Giorgio Photo
              Linsey Giorgio Special Education Teacher
Ben Harder Photo
              Ben Harder Speech Language Pathologist
Stacy Hayes Photo
              Stacy Hayes Special Education Teacher
Ami Hightower Photo
              Ami Hightower Para Educator
Kari Kensinger Photo
              Kari Kensinger Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Lisette Liudahl Photo
              Lisette Liudahl Para Educator
Joshua Love Photo
              Joshua Love Para Educator
Bailyn Mcdaniel Photo
              Bailyn Mcdaniel Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Melissa Miller Photo
              Melissa Miller Autism Consultant
Rayna Moody-Byers Photo
              Rayna Moody-Byers Para Educator
Ruth Moses Photo
              Ruth Moses School Nurse
Kacie Murtha Photo
              Kacie Murtha Special Education Teacher
Staci Raddish Photo
              Staci Raddish Brook Valley School Principal
Khadijah Smith Photo
              Khadijah Smith Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Sara Stanton Photo
              Sara Stanton Certified Classroom Teacher Alternative Program
Jeanne Vezner Photo
              Jeanne Vezner Administrative Assistant
Deborah Welcher Photo
              Deborah Welcher TEMP/RATER/INTR
Willishia White Photo
              Willishia White Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Ryan Zickefoose Photo
              Ryan Zickefoose Special Education Teacher

Brook Valley South
Please contact us at 402-597-4985. Click to email.
Photo First Name Last Name Title
Marla Bartlett Photo
              Marla Bartlett Para Educator
Whitney Bell Photo
              Whitney Bell Principal
Doug Churchill Photo
              Doug Churchill Certified Classroom Teacher Alternative Program
Brooke Dooling Photo
              Brooke Dooling Administrative Assistant
Carrie Fairbairn Photo
              Carrie Fairbairn Special Education Teacher
Hermary Garcia Photo
              Hermary Garcia Para Educator
Joanna Hale Photo
              Joanna Hale Brook Valley School Principal
Kelli Heller Photo
              Kelli Heller Special Education Teacher
Angela Howard Photo
              Angela Howard School Social Worker/Counselor
Susan Howry Photo
              Susan Howry Special Education Teacher
Lorene Kelly Photo
              Lorene Kelly Speech Language Pathologist
Jennifer Knipfer Photo
              Jennifer Knipfer Para Educator
Stephanie Kopecky Photo
              Stephanie Kopecky Special Education Teacher
Lizzy Lawver Photo
              Lizzy Lawver Brook Valley Paraprofessional
Sallye Lee Photo
              Sallye Lee Special Education Teacher
Theresa Luma Photo
              Theresa Luma Para Educator
Anne McClellan Photo
              Anne McClellan Para Educator
Amy Mcdonnell Photo
              Amy Mcdonnell Certified Classroom Teacher Alternative Program
Kristen McKearney Photo
              Kristen McKearney Special Education Teacher
Jolene Neemann Photo
              Jolene Neemann Administrative Assistant
Michelle Norstrom Photo
              Michelle Norstrom Para Educator
Sherita Samuels Photo
              Sherita Samuels Special Education Teacher
Adam Sherman Photo
              Adam Sherman Para Educator
Sheila Sookram Photo
              Sheila Sookram Special Education Teacher
Maggie Stewart Photo
              Maggie Stewart Certified Classroom Teacher Alternative Program
Rachel Stodola Photo
              Rachel Stodola Para Educator
Sharon Witherspoon Photo
              Sharon Witherspoon Para Educator
Jill Worthan Photo
              Jill Worthan Brook Valley Paraprofessional