Photo Last Name First Name Title
Tyler Arnold Photo
              Arnold Tyler Web Programmer
Anne Barnett Photo
              Barnett Anne Software Support Specialist
George Bledsoe Photo
              Bledsoe George Microsoft Engineer
Stephen Blessner Photo
              Blessner Stephen Web Programmer
Rachel Brinkman Photo
              Brinkman Rachel Support Specialist
Amber Doty Photo
              Doty Amber Customer Services Manager
Jim Gunzelman Photo
              Gunzelman Jim Programmer/Analyst
Roya Hamidi Photo
              Hamidi Roya Software Specialist
Mark Hansen Photo
              Hansen Mark Systems and Networking Manager
Taylor Haug Photo
              Haug Taylor Secretary
Ta'wanna Jackson Photo
              Jackson Ta'wanna Web Programmer
Scott Kibby Photo
              Kibby Scott Web Programmer
Marc Mitchell Photo
              Mitchell Marc Programmer/Analyst
Rex Mueller Photo
              Mueller Rex eFinance and UNIX System Administrator
William Pulte Photo
              Pulte William Director of Data and Networking
Ben Rudnicki Photo
              Rudnicki Ben Digital Learning & CC Tech Support
Anna Uden Photo
              Uden Anna Development Manager
Jeremy Vanek Photo
              Vanek Jeremy Network Engineer
Janet Zimmerman Photo
              Zimmerman Janet Software Support Specialist