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Photo Last Name First Name Title
Katherine Addison Photo
              Addison Katherine Services Coordinator
Jessica Andersen Photo
              Andersen Jessica Services Coordinator
Sarah Bradley Photo
              Bradley Sarah School Psychologist
Jane Byers Photo
              Byers Jane School Mental Health Program Coordinator
Taylor Caniglia Photo
              Caniglia Taylor Administrative Professional/ Intake Coordinator
April Carter Photo
              Carter April Early Learning Connection PD Assistant Coordinator
Gabby Catterson Photo
              Catterson Gabby Services Coordinator
Merry Noel Chamberlain Photo
              Chamberlain Merry Noel Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Payton Cooley Photo
              Cooley Payton Early Development Services Coordinator
Jake Cunningham Photo
              Cunningham Jake Mental Health Professional
Viviana Desmoineaux Photo
              Desmoineaux Viviana Speech Language Pathologist
Allison Domsch Photo
              Domsch Allison Services Coordinator
Becky Dunlap-Morton Photo
              Dunlap-Morton Becky ELC Coach Consultant
Avery Fleck Photo
              Fleck Avery Mental Health Professional
Colleen Gibilisco Photo
              Gibilisco Colleen Services Coordinator
Jennifer Haggart Photo
              Haggart Jennifer Coordinator-Early Learning Connection
Sarah Hamilton Photo
              Hamilton Sarah
Angela Hanes Photo
              Hanes Angela Services Coordinator
Jane Happe Photo
              Happe Jane Coordinator-Early Learning Connection
Amy Harvey Photo
              Harvey Amy Administrative Assistant
Ashlee Houy Photo
              Houy Ashlee Mental Health Professional
Kimberly Jipp Photo
              Jipp Kimberly Services Coordinator
Julie Johnson Photo
              Johnson Julie Services Coordinator
Jenna Jones Photo
              Jones Jenna Services Coordinator
Maddy Jordan Photo
              Jordan Maddy Mental Health Professional
Wendy Kaiser Photo
              Kaiser Wendy Services Coordinator
Ann Kavanaugh Photo
              Kavanaugh Ann Services Coordinator
Allison Kelberlau Photo
              Kelberlau Allison Assistant Director of Student Services
Kelsey Klatt Photo
              Klatt Kelsey Occupational Therapist
McKayla LaBorde Photo
              LaBorde McKayla Director of Student Services
Alyce LeBlanc Photo
              LeBlanc Alyce ECSE Resource Teacher
Kodi Lewis Photo
              Lewis Kodi Early Development Services Coordinator
Gretchen Mcbride Photo
              Mcbride Gretchen School Psychologist
Teri McGill Photo
              McGill Teri Coordinator-Autism
Christine McKinney Photo
              McKinney Christine Services Coordinator
Diane Meyer Photo
              Meyer Diane MRP Admin Coordinator
Kayla Parr Photo
              Parr Kayla Pyramid Implementation Facilitator
Kala Peyton Photo
              Peyton Kala NeMTSS Regional Facilitator
Mona Pfeifer Photo
              Pfeifer Mona Administrative Assistant
JoDell Phillips Photo
              Phillips JoDell Coordinator-Services Coordination
Jen Pollock Photo
              Pollock Jen School Mental Health Program Coordinator
Amber Pullmann Photo
              Pullmann Amber Services Coordinator
Sara Reiff Photo
              Reiff Sara Services Coordinator
Brittany Rosas Photo
              Rosas Brittany Services Coordinator
Libby Stiles Photo
              Stiles Libby Speech Language Pathologist
Allison Sutton Photo
              Sutton Allison Administrative Professional/ Intake Coordinator
Ali Sweitzer Photo
              Sweitzer Ali Autism Behavior Specialist
Jill Townsend Photo
              Townsend Jill Audiologist
Nicole Vogel Photo
              Vogel Nicole Services Coordinator
Deb Walls Photo
              Walls Deb Administrative Assistant
Brittney White Photo
              White Brittney Services Coordinator
Jennifer Winslow Photo
              Winslow Jennifer Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Jennifer Ziola Photo
              Ziola Jennifer