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Photo Last Name First Name Title Phone
McKayla LaBorde Photo
              LaBorde McKayla Director of Student Services 402-597-4800
Katherine Addison Photo
              Addison Katherine Services Coordinator 402-597-4981
Kimberly Bolan Photo
              Bolan Kimberly 402-597-4981
Katie Boyle Photo
              Boyle Katie School Psychologist 402-597-4930
Gabby Catterson Photo
              Catterson Gabby EDN Referral Coordinator 402-597-4936
Martin Chamberlain Photo
              Chamberlain Martin Vision Driver-sub 402-597-4969
Merry Noel Chamberlain Photo
              Chamberlain Merry Noel Teacher of the Visually Impaired 402-597-4969
Payton Cooley Photo
              Cooley Payton Early Development Services Coordinator 402-597-4975
Viviana Desmoineaux Photo
              Desmoineaux Viviana Speech Language Pathologist 402-597-4930
Allison Domsch Photo
              Domsch Allison Services Coordinator 402-597-4869
Becky Dunlap-Morton Photo
              Dunlap-Morton Becky ELC Coach Consultant 402-597-4825
Jeanne Fielder Photo
              Fielder Jeanne 402-597-4936
Colleen Gibilisco Photo
              Gibilisco Colleen Services Coordinator 402-597-4942
Jennifer Haggart Photo
              Haggart Jennifer Coordinator-Early Learning Connection 402-597-4991
Sarah Hamilton Photo
              Hamilton Sarah 402-597-4960
Angela Hanes Photo
              Hanes Angela Services Coordinator 402-597-4962
Jane Happe Photo
              Happe Jane Coordinator-Early Learning Connection 402-597-4947
Amy Harvey Photo
              Harvey Amy Administrative Assistant 402-597-4932
Jessica Holder Photo
              Holder Jessica Services Coordinator 402-597-4978
Kimberly Jipp Photo
              Jipp Kimberly Services Coordinator 402-597-4807
Julie Johnson Photo
              Johnson Julie Services Coordinator 402-597-4860
Jenna Jones Photo
              Jones Jenna Services Coordinator 402-597-4822
Wendy Kaiser Photo
              Kaiser Wendy Services Coordinator 402-597-4988
Ann Kavanaugh Photo
              Kavanaugh Ann Services Coordinator 402-597-4963
Allison Kelberlau Photo
              Kelberlau Allison Assistant Director of Student Services 402-597-4935
Kelsey Klatt Photo
              Klatt Kelsey Occupational Therapist 402-597-4807
Alyce LeBlanc Photo
              LeBlanc Alyce ECSE Resource Teacher 531-301-1046
Teri McGill Photo
              McGill Teri Coordinator-Autism 402-597-4957
Christine McKinney Photo
              McKinney Christine Services Coordinator 402-597-4948
Kayla Parr Photo
              Parr Kayla Pyramid Implementation Facilitator 402-597-4807
Kala Peyton Photo
              Peyton Kala NeMTSS Regional Facilitator 402-597-4894
Mona Pfeifer Photo
              Pfeifer Mona Administrative Assistant 402-597-4941
JoDell Phillips Photo
              Phillips JoDell Coordinator-Services Coordination 402-597-4950
Amber Pullmann Photo
              Pullmann Amber Services Coordinator 402-597-4943
Sara Reiff Photo
              Reiff Sara Services Coordinator 402-597-4960
Brittany Rosas Photo
              Rosas Brittany Services Coordinator 402-597-4909
Libby Stiles Photo
              Stiles Libby Speech Language Pathologist 402-597-4930
Ali Sweitzer Photo
              Sweitzer Ali Autism Behavior Specialist 402-597-4839
Nicole Vogel Photo
              Vogel Nicole Services Coordinator 402-597-4964
Deb Walls Photo
              Walls Deb Administrative Assistant 402-597-4970
Brittney White Photo
              White Brittney Services Coordinator 402-597-4909
Jennifer Winslow Photo
              Winslow Jennifer Teacher of the Visually Impaired 402-597-4969
Jennifer Ziola Photo
              Ziola Jennifer 402-597-4969