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Check the Document section of this site to see how our programs can help meet your State Standards curriculum requirements.


Directions to Gifford Farm Education Center:
What is the schedule for Farm Programs? 
Morning programs                  9:00 AM - 10:30 AM  OR  9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Mid-morning programs          10:45 AM - 12:15 PM  OR  10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Afternoon programs               12:30 PM - 2:00 PM  OR  12:30 PM - 1:30 PM OR 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Want to take a field trip without the hassle or cost of scheduling transportation? 
It's simple - let Gifford Farm Education Center come to you!  

Animals on the Go-Farm Animals or Exotic Animals
STARLAB Planetarium
Lewis and Clark Discoveries
Team Challenge
You can enjoy any of these programs without even leaving your school!
Call the Farm today for details. 402-597-4920

Friendly reminders to make your field trip more fun:

  • Please arrive early enough to allow extra time for getting children off the bus, organized into groups and maybe even a bathroom break, as this will help us get your program started in a timely manner so you can enjoy the whole experience without feeling rushed!
  • Students and adults should dress for the weather. Many of the Gifford Farms educational programs are outside for most of the time.
  • There are picnic tables available for lunch and snacks. Be sure to reserve your spot when you make your program reservation. Hand sanitizers are located in the Chicken House, Calf Barn and outside the Tack Room. Portable bathroom facilities are available. No drinking water fountains are available, and it is especially important for Team Challenge participants to bring a water bottle.
  • Please bring your own Hand Sanitizer for your picnic
  • As you will be outdoors and in or near the woods, please use sunscreen and bug repellent as needed!
  • Farm program parking is along the pasture fence for cars. Busses and school vans may drop off students by the Picnic Area. 
  • Schools may be billed for their field trip if a billing address has been provided ahead of time to our office. Payment may be made by check or cash. There is a charge for accompanying parents, siblings and guests. Please ask parents to bring exact change.
  • Thank You!


 Our programs can help meet your State Standards curriculum requirements!


Gifford Farm Education Center, ESU3

Correlations to State Standards of Education



The Farm Program: K-6th grade

SC2.1.1   SC 2.2.1  SC 2.2.2  SC5.2.2  SC8.2.2  SC2.3.1  SC5.3.1  SC8.3.1  SC2.3.1  SC5.3.1  SC8.3.1  SC2.3.2  SC5.3.2 SC5.3.3 SC8.3.2  SC5.3.3  SC8.3.3  SC2.3.4  SC5.3.4  SC2.4.3  SC5.4.3

LA0.1.1 LA1.1.1   LA0.3.2  LA0.3.3  LA0.4.1  LA0.1.1 LAO.3.1 LA4.3.3

SS1.2.5  SS4.2.1  SS3.2.2  SS4.2.2  SS4.2.12  SS4.3.5  SS1.2.2  SS2.2.2  SS0.3.1  SS1.3.1  SS0.4.1  SS0.3.4 


Animals on the Go: K-6

SC2.1.1   SC2.2.1  SC2.3.1  SC2.3.1  SC5.3.1  SC 2.3.2  SC5.3.2  SC2.3.4  SC5.3.4

SS0.3.1  SS0.3.3 3  SS1.3.3  SS2.3.3  SS3.3.3 SS      


STARLAB Planetarium: K-8

SC2.1.1  SC2.1.1  SC5.1.1  SC5.1.2  SC8.1.2  SC2.2.1  SC8.2.1  SC2.2.2  SC8.2.2  SC5.2.2  SC5.2.3  SC5.3.1  SC2.4.1


Team Challenge: 3rd-adult

LA3.3.1   LA4.3.2  LA3.3.2 LA4.3.1  LA4.3.2  LA3.3.2  LA4.2.2  LA4.3.3  LA3.3.3  LA4.3.3



Friends of Discovery, A Journey with Lewis and Clark: 4-6 grade



SS5.1.2  SS4.2.3  SS4.3.1  SS5.3.1  SS4.3.1  SS5.3.2  SS8.3.2  SS4.3.3  SS5.3.4  SS4.3.5  SS5.3.6  SS4.4.1

S5.4.1  SS4.4.2  SS5.4.2  SS8.4.2  SS4.4.2  SS4.4.3  SS4.4.4  SS5.4.4  SS8.4.4  SS5.4.5  SS5.4.5


The Living History of the Plains: 4-6 grade


LA3.1.5  LA4.1.5  LA4.3.2

SS5.1.1  SS8.1.1  SS5.1.2  SS8.1.2  SS4.3.1  SS4.2.3  SS5.3.1  SS5.3.2  SS5.3.3  SS4.4.1  SS5.4.1  SS5.3.4 . SS8.3.4  SS4.3.5  SS5.3.5 SS5.3.6  SS5.4.2  SS5.4.3 SS0  SS4.4.2


Outdoor Nature Classroom: K-2nd grade

SC2.1.1  SC2.12  SC2.3.1  SC2.3.4  SC2.4.2  SC5.4.2

SS1.2.2  SS1.2.2  SS0.3.2  SS0.33  SS1.3.3  SS0.3.4 SS1.3.4  SS2.3.4  SS0.3.5