Student Services

The Nebraska Department of Education has developed the ASD Network to provide training and technical assistance to local school districts, educational service units and parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


The ASD Network Coordinator provides the following services:

  • Consultative services upon request / referral from school-based educational teams / families regarding:  
    1. Support for Assessment / Verification Process
    2. IFSP and IEP Development
    3. Program Planning / Selecting Interventions
    4. On-going Consultation Regarding Effective Intervention Strategies
  • Regional Libraries and Regional Workshops provide information and technical assistance
  • State Conference, Website, Web Resources
  • Website:
  • Parents may contact their local school district or their Regional Coordinator for information on making an ASD Network referral. ASD referrals are made in collaboration with parents and school districts for support for training or any of the other areas mentioned above.
  • ASD Referral Form:  Click Here