Student Services
Brook Valley North


Our Philosophy:

  • The purpose of the Brook Valley School is to assist school districts within the Educational Service Unit #3 area. Those consortium schools, can access immediate placement for students who are unable to function successfully in their local schools due to behavioral difficulties.
  • Brook Valley School is dedicated to providing a comprehensive daily program for students to continue their education with a behavior management component while the student’s future educational options are available. Brook Valley School is based on an individualized behavioral management plan that prepares students to learn, develop and maintain appropriate skills socially, academically and personally.
  • Brook Valley is an educational environment where students can discover strengths while improving their confidence in self-disciplinary guidance. In turn, the student will learn to become productive citizens in their community.

All students attending Brook Valley School will receive educational services that may include but not limited to Math, Vocational / Transition, Reading, Physical Educations / Health, Science, Recreation-Leisure Skills, social Studies, and Life Skills.

Goals for Brook Valley School:

  • Provide a safe alternative educational setting for students in grades K-12
  • Develop curricular and instructional strategies to assist the student when she / he returns to her / his local school.
  • Develop behavioral competencies to enable the student to become a successful contributor to her / his local school community.
  • Provide student leadership opportunities by accessing activities that the local community provides.
  • Design and implement support systems for the family.
  • Support a transitional setting for students who are preparing to re-enter the public school environment.
  • Develop a training site for classroom teachers to work with students in an alternative setting.
  • Provide a short-term placement for students with specific behavioral individual Educational Plan Goals.

Brook Valley School

  • Can be a short term or long term placement program
  • Has Professional staff licensed and trained to work with children, school districts, and families
  • Has a nurturing and caring environment to help children work through issues with the goal of returning to their home school
  • Has self-contained classrooms for students with behavior problems
  • Has classrooms specifically for students with lower cognitive impairments and behavior problems
  • Has a point system to help monitor work completion and respect for others.

Placement criteria for Brook Valley School is referred and determined by the child’s school district. Brook valley Students meet special education verification as indicated by the Nebraska Department of Education Rule #51. The school district has created a team of educators in order to appropriately identify students in need of services. The local school district will make the recommendation for placement at Brook Valley School. The length of stay at Brook Valley will vary for individual students. Transportation will be provided by the local school district. During the initial 45-90 day time period, professionals at Brook Valley will determine appropriate service options for the child.

Families Matter Brook Valley School is dedicated to supporting parents/guardians and families of our students. The licensed mental health practitioner, school nurse, and educators work closely with families discussing their child’s behavioral; medical and socio/emotional needs regarding the best way to serve the student.

To Contact Us: Brook Valley School 6960 South 110th Street La Vista, Nebraska 68128 1-402-597-4840 

Contact Name: Staci Raddish  Phone: 1-402-597-4840