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About Educational Service Unit #3

ESU #3 is the largest Educational Service Unit in the state of Nebraska, serving eighteen (18) school districts, with over 86,500 students and over 5400 staff. ESU #3 is located at 6949 South 110th Street in La Vista, NE.

In 1965, the Nebraska Legislature created Educational Service Units (ESUs) as intermediate public educational agencies between public school districts and the Nebraska Department of Education, in order to provide supplementary educational services to school districts at costs lower than school districts could provide on their own. There are seventeen (17) ESUs across the state serving all public school districts in Nebraska. This year we celebrated our 55th Anniversary providing services to our member school districts.

In 2008, the Nebraska Legislature created the ESU Coordinating Council, which brings together all 17 ESUs in a statewide coordinative effort to provide cost effective services for the students, teachers, and school districts in each ESU. The council’s duties are: 1) Prepare strategic plans to assure cost efficient and equitable services across the state, 2) Administer statewide initiatives and services, and 3) Coordinate distance education. Each ESU Chief Administrator serves on the ESU Coordinating Council.

The Nebraska Legislature prioritized educational supplementary services as “Core Services”. Core Services are defined by law with the following service areas: (i) staff development, which shall include access to staff development related to improving the achievement of students in poverty and students with diverse backgrounds; (ii) technology, including distance education services; and (iii) instructional materials services.