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Brook Valley Wellness Assessment 17-18
A mission of ESU #3/Brook Valley School is to provide curriculum, instruction, and experiences in a health-promoting school environment and to instill habits of lifelong learning and health when providing services to our students. Each year, the Brook Valley Wellness team meets to review our school Wellness policy and discuss ways to promote health and wellness at Brook Valley School. Please see our Student Handbook for specific details about the wellness goals and activities including: School Lunch section (pg. 3-4), Health and Physical Education section (pg. 12), and our Wellness Policy (pg. 12-17). We also complete a Wellness self-assessment and identify areas for growth for the school year. Please see this year's report by clicking on the link above. Feel free to contact McKayla LaBorde, Director of Student Services with any questions about our Wellness program at 402-597-4941.

2022-2023 Brook Valley Handbook
Because of the expense of printing the handbooks, we are asking that you consider using the internet to access and review the Student-Parent Handbook. Using the internet to access the handbook will allow the district to direct printing dollars to instructional needs and eliminate the need for you to search for your handbook when you have questions throughout the year. Thank you for considering this new use of technology to improve school-home communication. A signature receipt page will be sent to parents in the back-to-school mailings. Please return it to the school with your student's other paperwork. If you would like a printed copy of the handbook, please contact the school secretary.
2020-2021 Student Handbook Receipt Form
Handbook Receipt 2022-2023 - A copy of the Parent-Student Handbook Receipt is available here.

Lunch Information
Brook Valley School Meal Program Information
Brook Valley School Meal Program Information
Disclosure of Free and Reduced Price Information
Disclosure of Free and Reduced Price Information
USDA Non Discrimination
USDA Non Discrimination (Update: November 2015)
Online Lunch Payments
Brook Valley School is now offering an online payment option for our student's lunch accounts.

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