Conference Center
Conference Center Staff
Last Name First Name Title Photo
Glock Troy Executive Director of Program Services Troy Glock Photo
Kalk Kristen Conference Center Coordinator Kristen Kalk Photo
Blum Christine Conference Center Host/Hostess Christine Blum Photo
Davidson Barbara Hostess Barbara Davidson Photo
Dennis Theodore Building Supervision Theodore Dennis Photo
Orescanin Jacey Front Desk Receptionist Jacey Orescanin Photo

ESU 3 may not be able to accommodate every individual's dietary preference and is not in any way responsible for any damage, harm or illness to any person for the consumption of or exposure to any food or meals served on ESU 3 property or through an ESU 3 program. In the event that an individual has a medical condition (such as allergies), said individual must inform ESU 3 in advance to determine what food or meals may contain ingredients that could cause damage, harm or illness to the individual.