Gifford Farm Directory
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Photo Last Name First Name Title Phone
Matt Brooks Photo
              Brooks Matt Gifford Outdoor Educator 402-597-4920
Cindi Brothers Photo
              Brothers Cindi 402-597-4903
Kayleigh Coleman Photo
              Coleman Kayleigh Gifford Outdoor Educator 402-597-4903
Marsha Culbertson Photo
              Culbertson Marsha 402-597-4920
Linda Dennis Photo
              Dennis Linda 402-597-4920
Alexa Ferreyra Peterson Photo
              Ferreyra Peterson Alexa Gifford Outdoor Educator 402-597-4903
Tim Gilloon Photo
              Gilloon Tim Gifford Outdoor Educator 402-597-4920
Troy Glock Photo
              Glock Troy Executive Director of Program Services 402-597-4914
Gracie Guthmiller Photo
              Guthmiller Gracie Gifford Outdoor Educator 402-597-4903
Mike Hawkins Photo
              Hawkins Mike Gifford Farm Maintenance 402-597-4920
Shawn Isaacs Photo
              Isaacs Shawn Planetarium, Team Challenge Team Leader 402-597-4927
Eileen Jackson-Boslaugh Photo
              Jackson-Boslaugh Eileen 402-597-4903
Ray Nesbitt Photo
              Nesbitt Ray Outdoor Educator 402-597-4924
Laura Pedersen Photo
              Pedersen Laura Farm Team Leader 402-597-4925
Katherine Povondra Photo
              Povondra Katherine Outdoor Educator 402-597-4920
Colleen Rushing Photo
              Rushing Colleen 402-597-4903
Elaine Swanson Photo
              Swanson Elaine Animals on the Go Team Leader 402-597-4923
Kelly Taylor Photo
              Taylor Kelly Gifford Farm Coordinator 402-597-4920

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