Team Challenge


The Philosophy

Team Challenge believes that everybody has knowledge, skills and competencies that are valuable, and many times unique. By adopting the philosophy Challenge by Choice, our Team Challenge program sets the standard of 100% participation. This challenges participants to think beyond the physical aspects of the challenge course and explore the variety of roles that are essential to team building..

Our environment motivates individuals and teams to move from their comfort zones into their learning zones. Each progression will be at the participant's own pace. 

The Process

After a brief introduction, individuals and the group as a whole establish goals. Following warm-up activities, groups engage in a progression of initiatives that require problem solving and innovative approaches in working together.

The challenges encourage groups to identify and utilize their strengths and resources. Structured discussions empower individuals to share their experiences and observations with the group. Team members are encouraged to apply what they learn from their  experiences to their school, church, business setting, or other life situations.


Available all year, weather permitting, or enjoy an indoor program

For  6th grade – adult

3-4 hours

Picnic area is available for snacks or lunch.

For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.


Traveling Team Challenge and Kids' Challenge

Our Team Challenge Program can travel to your school, meeting place or business, too! Several of our challenge events are available to provide a complete program for your group. We can set up outside, in a gym or other large room. Call for more information about how the Traveling Team Challenge Program can meet your needs.

Available all year                                                                                                                                                                                                      

3rd grade - adult                                                                                                                                                                                                                

2 - 3 hours


Kids’ Challenge

Gifford Farm’s certified and experienced low-ropes challenge course staff is pleased to announce the expansion of Team Challenge to include students 3rd through 5th grade. In our newest program, Kids’ Challenge, young students build a base for teamwork, communication and leadership through problem solving and trust building activities. Together they achieve self and group esteem. Kids' Challenge is also one of our traveling programs. Can't come to us? We'll come to you!

~~~~“Kids In Developing Synergy”~~~~

Available year round

For 3rd - 5th grade

2-3 hours

Picnic area is available for snacks or lunch.

For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.


Corporate Team Challenge

Our Team Challenge Program can be adapted to help promote unity on the job. Employees enjoy the outdoor setting and fresh air as they see each other in different roles than during a normal day at the office. Everyone can learn something about themselves as well as their co-workers as they pull together to solve problems by using creativity and skills in different ways than during a typical work day. 

Available all year, weather permitting

3-4 hours 


Picnic area is available for snacks or lunch.

For reservations, call us at 402-597-4920.



What should I wear for Team Challenge?

Jeans, tennis shoes or boots are preferred. No sandals or shorts please.

Do we need to bring anything?

Bring a water bottle and suncreen, much of the Team Challenge course is in the sun.

Can anyone participate in Team Challenge?

Yes! We learn to appreciate differences in Team Challenge. Each person's 100% participation can vary, yet is equally valued.

How long is the Team Challenge?

Groups may participate in a 3 or 4 hour program. Times may be adapted to suit your schedules and needs