Information Systems & Technology
Helpdesk Guidelines

ESU #3 Information Systems & Technology Helpdesk information for:

  • Information Systems & Technology Committee
  • Persons authorized to Request Services

The superintendent in each district authorizes personnel to be placed on the lists for Information Systems & Technology Committee and the personnel Authorized to Request Services. Names are placed on this list through the superintendent’s office notification to Dr. Schnoes’ office. Personnel on the Information Systems & Technology Committee list are placed on the e-mailing list and are notified when IST Committee meetings are scheduled and receive all correspondence sent to this list. Personnel on the Authorized to Request Services list are approved by the superintendent to make the following kinds of requests:

  • Programming changes
  • Data changes or requests
  • Training
  • Account setup/e-mail accounts
  • Equipment or Software purchases
  • Security modification
  • Firewall, content filtering, NAT changes …
  • Application security
  • Password changes/resetting accounts
  • Consulting Assistance

If a system is down or a bug/error is being reported, a Helpdesk request will be created, assigned, and worked on. In the case of a system down, the Advisory Committee and system users list will be notified when the system comes back up.

When unauthorized personnel (personnel not on the list from the superintendent) make a request through the helpdesk that is not a system down, bug or critical error, we will refer the request to the appropriate personnel for approval. The request will not be acted upon until this approval is received.

We have asked district Advisory Members to let us know if teachers from their district are NOT allowed to contact the helpdesk with SIMS Secondary and Elementary Gradebook questions.

We will only process requests from personnel who are Authorized to Request Services. This does not mean that we will not take requests from other personnel in the district. The following procedures will be in place when we receive requests from other personnel in the district who are not authorized to request services:

  1. We will assign the request to Amber, Mark, Anna or Bill.
  2. The person authorized to request services will be subscribed to the ticket selecting the Approval Request Notification.
  3. We will tell the user that the request has been entered and we are awaiting approval from their district personnel to process the request.
  4. Await approval to process the request.
  5. Amber, Mark, Anna or Bill will re-assign to appropriate staff when request is approved. An e-mail or note of phone call giving approval will be placed in the ticket.

We encourage you to place as many personnel as necessary on the list of personnel authorized to request services, but it must be approved by the district (superintendent) sending Dr. Schnoes’ office a request to do so. It is our recommendation that personnel be placed on the list to request services if they are contacting the helpdesk on a regular basis for any of the services listed above.

We are respectfully asking you to contact the Helpdesk at or (402)-597-4848. Please do not contact personnel directly via phone or e-mail. When emailing a request to the helpdesk, please do not cc our staff. Our personnel are very often working on another item or project, in meetings, training or working away from their desk. This helps us ensure an item assigned and coordinated as quickly as possible and the appropriate ESU #3 personnel are working on the request with no duplication of effort.

The ESU #3 Helpdesk phone is answered from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. If you have a project and need our assistance outside these hours, please make arrangements with staff prior to the need.

When a helpdesk request is received a confirmation message will be sent out acknowledging the receipt of the request. An ESU #3 representative will review your request and assign it to the appropriate personnel. Requests are usually reviewed and most are resolved by the next business day. The following is how our Helpdesk works after hours:

  • When the helpdesk closes the phone is forwarded to a sequential ring process.
  • This process is set up to ring:
  1. Operator 1 set up to ring 3 times
  2. Operator 2 set up to ring 3 times
  3. Voice message mailbox for 4848
  4. The sequential ring allows the caller to interrupt at any time and leave a message which is forwarded to the Helpdesk Issueview System.
  5. If the caller hangs up, an email is generated and sent to the Helpdesk Issueview System. This gives us a record of hang ups. You can check the status of your requests by logging into the helpdesk portal.