Information Systems & Technology
Computer Repair

The ESU #3 Information Systems & Technology Department has partnered with Sterling Computers and Digital Dot to provide districts with a depot service center. Please read through the FAQ below and if you have other questions please put in a ticket with the ESU #3 helpdesk.


1) How do I enter a ticket?

Please fill out the form that can be found at the address below. This form will start the process and the ticket will be routed to the appropriate company for the repair. Once the form is filled out, you will receive an email receipt. Please print that receipt and tape it to the device.

2) What if the item is not under warranty?

School districts can choose to work directly with the company providing the service, or we can handle the item and bill back to the district. 3) What happened to the old ESU #3 Repair shop? Unfortunately, ESU was never a certified repair center so we were unable to handle warranty requests. By partnering with Sterling and Digital Dot we can now provide repair services for warranty and non-warranty items.

4) How do I get the item to ESU?

That can be handled in a few ways. You can always drop it off or you can send it on the ESU van when it is at your district. The same will be true for getting items back.

5) How do I know if this is the best pricing?

We have worked with both companies to guarantee a fair rate but also both have promised to not mark parts up over 10%.

6) What if I have a case/accessories with my product?

Ensure you remove any cases or accessories from your product before turning them in. ESU #3 is not responsible for lost cases and/or accessories.

7) Are there any fees tied to all services?

Fees are invoiced at the rate of the third-party company. For nonwarranty items, companies may assess a diagnostic fee that may be waived if the school agrees to do the repair.