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PowerSchool eFinance Plus
The PowerSchool  eFinance PLUS 5.1 system is an enterprise-wide financial and human resource management system for K-12 schools. It is a single integrated system which offers all educational stakeholders-school administrators, district staff and board members -the ability to easily manage or immediately access the summary and detail fiscal or employee information when needed.  The Fund Accounting System complies with accounting standards yet allows you the flexibility to define your account structure, budget and payment controls, and system security.
Complies with the accounting standards of GASB 34, GAAFR, GAAP, Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting.  Produces required Federal 1099 forms and W2 forms.
Budget/Cash/Payment Controls

  • Allows you to allocate budgets by accounting period and provides optional budgetary controls at each budget level.
  • Can be set up to either issue a budgetary warning or prevent a transaction that would exceed a unit's budget.
  • Reports expenditure and encumbrance budgets. Budgetary accounts are integrated into the general ledger.
  • Budgets may be encumbered. These encumbrances are monitored to ensure they are not overspent, although overrides are permitted.
  • Allows you to designate funds requiring cash control. The system either issues a warning or prevents a transaction that would exceed a fund’s cash limit.
  • Provides the ability to cancel vendor checks and also to issue vendor checks manually.
  • Allows you to control overpayment of invoices by percentage or amount.
  • Ability to setup EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) for vendor payment with email notification.


  • Provides a single integrated database.
  • Interfaces with other eFinance Plus Financial Management Systems such as the Human Resources System and the Purchasing System. This eliminates the need to maintain redundant information and helps to ensure data accuracy.
  • Ensures accurate entry of data through table verification. Verification tables are easy to change as requirements change, so flexibility is maintained.
  • Allows you to maintain a comprehensive record for each organization, account, project, vendor, and payer.
  • Allows you to search for records to update, delete, or display using any field or combination of fields on the first data entry screen in a record.need to finally close the prior year.
  • Provides project accounting, allowing you to track grants, capital projects, and special programs separately from your other accounting records.
  • Links organization chart records to projects.
  • Allows you to use modified accrual accounting if you want to record receivables as revenue.


  • Restricts account use to particular application areas, for example, restricts payroll accounts to functions dealing with payroll processing only.
  • Allows user access to specific menu options by granting or denying privileges on a user-by-user basis.

Purchasing System

  • Designed to streamline the procurement process for school districts and municipal governments. Using the system, employees can:
  • Create, review, approve, and print requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Maintain vendor and commodity information.
  • Process shipments to ensure order fulfillment and vendor payment.
  • Generate reports for tracking, analyzing, and planning purchasing activities.
  • In addition, the system interfaces with other eFinancePLUS software to manage budgets, control inventories, award bids, track assets, and maintain security. These additional eFinancePLUS 5.0 systems include Fund Accounting, Warehouse Inventory, Vendor Bidding, Fixed Assets, and System Administration.

Payroll and Personnel

  • Utilizes a single, integrated database that ensures the integrity of your payroll and personnel records.
  • Allows you to set up and maintain a comprehensive record for each employee. Payroll records store information regarding positions, payrates, salary increases, taxes, deductions, benefits, leave, and calendars.
  • Personnel records contain demographic information, job skills, degrees, colleges, certifications, and work locations.
  • Ensures the accuracy of data through the use of table-verified codes that can be defined according to your organization’s needs. Verification tables provide uniformity and flexibility in applying information to employee records. As your requirements change, you only need to modify these tables, rather than change each of the employee records affected.
  • Enables you to update, delete, display, and report data for any field contained in a record.
  • Offers a field-sensitive help function to assist users in selecting the appropriate entries when adding and changing records.
  • Uses audit trail records to track all changes to employee information.
  • These records include the name of the user who made the change, as well as the date, file affected, previous values, and new data added. This information can be reviewed by running Payroll Activity and Personnel Activity reports.
  • Provides a streamlined flow of procedures for processing payrolls. Payrun parameters are entered once and are used throughout the process, from timecard entry through payroll calculation.
  • Generates a control report for review and approval once timecard entry is complete. In addition, a trial run can be calculated without affecting employee records, allowing you to review a payroll prior to updating files.
  • Supports multiple pay rates per employee, non-cash payments, tax-deferred compensation, non-taxed allowances, direct deposits, advance pays, summer payoff checks, special pays, and distribution of wages and benefits to expenditure accounts in the Fund Accounting System.
  • Enables you to set up tables for calculating federal, state, and local income taxes, as well as FICA/Medicare deductions. After an initial table is entered for a tax, additional tables can be generated for different combinations of marital status and pay frequency.
  • Maintains deduction rates and amounts, start and stop dates, and related fringe benefit (employer contribution) information. Allows an override of deduction table values for individual employees.
  • Provides an on-line query function for easy review of deduction and benefit information, including amounts withheld, accruals, and related earnings.
  • Allows direct deposits to multiple banks and accounts for each employee.
  • Issues pre-notes to financial institutions to confirm information for setting up new deposits. Creates direct deposit tapes for increased efficiency.
  • Provides the ability to enter timecards individually or by department.
  • Calculates contract payoff amounts and issues checks for contract employees whose employment terminates.
  • Processes employee W2 and 1099-R forms. Creates tape or disk files for transmittal to the IRS.
  • Ensures the integrity of your payroll data by providing a “lock” option. This feature prevents users from making changes to the database and work files while a pay run is being processed.
  • Allows salary schedules of up to 99 ranges and 99 steps.
  • Provides a table that holds an unlimited number of calendars. Calendar records define annual start and stop dates, holidays, non-work weekdays, paid vacations, and weekend work days. The system can calculate pay period amounts based on annual salaries and calendar start dates.
  • Supports up to 999 types of leave. Ten leave banks may be assigned to each employee. Leave accrual can be handled per pay period, monthly, or annually. Employee leave balances are recorded on pay checks.
  • Processes excess leave based on your organization’s policies regarding negative leave balances, leave without pay, and charging excess leave to other leave banks.
  • Offers a range of report options, allowing you to generate hard copies, view data on your monitor, or write reports to disk for later retrieval.
  • Provides an interface to the Fund Accounting’s General Ledger module for distributing salaries, deductions, and fringe benefits.
  • Interacts with other EFINANCE PLUS products, such as Position Control, Benefits Preparation, and Applicant Tracking, eliminating redundancy in data entry while ensuring the accuracy and usefulness of your information.
  • Allows periodic clearing of accrued balances from employee payroll records. Clears current field information prior to every payroll calculation.
  • Tracks seniority information based on employees’ anniversary or hire dates. The system uses this information in determining salary increases and awarding leave.
  • Calculates employer premiums for Workers’ Compensation.
  • Facilitates the rollover of leave from one year to the next.
  • Provides a range of options for performing maintenance procedures on a fiscal or calendar year basis.
  • Allows you to schedule changes in deduction, tax, and pay rates to take effect on future dates.
  • Enables the creation of user-defined screens to supplement the employee information recorded in standard screens.
  • Protects the integrity and confidentiality of records through an extensive security system that allows you to restrict user access to specific menu options, screens, and distribution accounts.

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Web Applications
Job Applicant Center and Job Applicant Viewer

  • Job Applicant Center and Job Applicant Viewer is a web application for Districts to setup job openings available in the district. They can add 10 general questions and 10 application question in addition to multiple choice questions. 
  • The applicant can register on the webpage and fill out an application for each of the job openings available. They can also upload Resume’s or any other pertinent information up to 5 attachments.
  • The Administrators can review the applications online using Job Applicant Viewer with the ability to rate each applicant for a particular job opening.

Employee Access Center

  • Employee Access Center is a web application available to all employees of the district. They are able to view their demographic information and update information, if the district allows. 
  • They are able to view and print their payroll voucher and W-2 information.
  • Salary and benefit/deduction information is also available for viewing.
  • If the district has setup benefit enrollment the employee can enroll online for any benefit the district chooses to setup.
  • Attendance information with detailed attendance records is also available for viewing.

Employee Timesheets

  • Employee Timesheets is a web application available for hourly clocking, daily clocking or leave only clocking.
  • Employees who have different payrates for different job types can choose the job type they are clocking in and out for.
  • If employees are supervised by more than one department, they can clock in and out for each department. Each supervisor will be notified when the employee submits the time for that department.
  • Once supervisors approve time it is available for posting to timecards and attendance in eFinance Plus.